Track Name: Franklin's Drunken Shanty
oooOHHHHHH electric kites!
Track Name: The Hoborchestra plays We Are Jeneric's "Oolong Tea"
Oolong tea
Track Name: Whole New Possibilities
it's getting real fucking fast
you can make a block work in your favor, but its tough
fuck that, i'll bring it back
i'll start working with what i've got
whole new possibilities
that was one of the best comeback i've seen
Track Name: You Know What Happened? The Tide Came In
(you know what happened?
the tide came in
it's too late now
it's too late now i told you)

i awoke to the thunder
and thought it a bombing
my friend woke up early
went south to start working
we all labor in work
and if life, it ain't easy
if we're happiest working
and it pays off the lease
i should get a new job
for the first time in weeks
its been steadily raining
on the porch reading On the Road
my patience is lazy
and i'm being washed away

i awoke to the thunder
and thought it a bombing
rolled over for someone
everyone wants a lover in autumn
ill press all the leaves
that can be held in a folder
i've got no new tricks
even now that i'm older
it's a worn song
for the first time it feels
like the summer is waning
i knew the road north
when the leaves were changing
it was a short drive
but it's been a long time

(you know what happened?
the tide came in)
Track Name: Cause & Response
a road chosen for an afternoon drive
it's rising and it winds
the dirty glass reflects the light in my eyes
it's burning and it blinds
theres a childs eyes that cry because of lost control

an ocean chosen for a morning swim
there's swelling and there's tides
no cessation for a thirst but to drown on in
theres no one for miles
theres a laden soul thats lost because its all alone

a deck of cards to represent the stars
she says i keep mine too close to my chest
and that these days of chronic malaise and self-effacing claims
they shadow what you love best
theres a heavy heart that melts from her light and airy tone
Track Name: The Hoborchestra plays Littlefoot's "Swingsets & Mountaintops"
except when a nightmare woke you suddenly
and i would scream as you placed your lips upon my cheek
now i'm older and i've got an education
i've seen and read and done some terrible things
do you ever dream of me and wake up suddenly?
do you ever dream of me?
Track Name: If I'm Not Pushing Up Daisies
the views experessed in this song do not necessarily represent the views of the Hoborchestra of the B3nson Recording Company

these guys were trying to kill me
i didn't hate them
i respected them

the guy next to me got his leg shot off
(I hear thats not a comfortable thing to have happen)
no, you're dead

i believe in America
if you're going to do it
do it right
take the planes and bomb the towel heads out of existence

thank you

we dropped two atomic bombs
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
ended the war, didn't it?

if i'm not pushing up daisies
if you're not talking to people
you're not living
Track Name: Editable Text
would you maybe like to come visit?
i know you might be sick
but its monday night
and there's good public television

i even bought a book to learn a lesson
on how to be pleasant
but as hard as i try
a lot of times this just happens

(as hard as i try a lot of times this just happens
maybe it's from falling asleep to war movies)
Track Name: The Hoborchestra plays We Are Jeneric's "You're the One"
you're the one that i'll haunt
Track Name: How & When it Went Bad
i've been going crazy in my dreams
its never happened before
and i have just been lazy
now it seems to be ingrained in me
there's no time like before

if i had to answer
when you asked me how and when it got bad
it was when i started seeing all these people
and not thinking me their equal
but as just another tally to add
Track Name: The Glorification pts. I & II
Pt. I
i didn't have to be there
i go, plain clothed
im glad that i went
oh i dont think so
maybe though

i spend some time learning of the glorification
i dont remember it all
i read it one hundred times
i think its a sign
youre welcome to give that a try

ill look into sleep and see what it says
maybe ill go home, i dont know
now they get to go
truly fools gold

i didn't have to be there
tonight, jesus christ
he's a published author
a little more golden
a great man

Pt. II
there would have been trumpets in every song
you have too much
and now he has the perfect amount
he's not a full person or something
and i'm not the same man

he's certainly in her world
its higher gravity
sucked him right out of our world
or out of the air as it were
i just got quiet, disoriented, confused

he's found that all of mars is sterile
given that i haven't seen him
on top of this mountain without
sending smoke to the oceans

i never have words to say
the waves not reaching your ears

i'm trying hard not to laugh
at my choice of consonants
that i put together
i feel like i'm a little closer
something with dead
i can't remember
Track Name: Winter Walk and Waterfall
that's my beer man

poor guy
Track Name: The Hoborchestra plays Sgt. Dunbar and the Hobo Banned's "I am the Past"
i am the past
no i don't make the future
for that is your task
to make it how you choose it
and i believe in you
yes i believe in you
Track Name: The Tired Spots of Our Lives
if you want to go you'll go
and if you want to stay you'll stay
and if you want me to say i'll say
"i think its best for today"

but if you want me to jump i won't
i can get there on my own
but if you say "baby, wait"
i could do it some other day

if you want to dive you can
but i'm just fine in the shallow end
when i was young i would swim
but lately i just dream of the ocean

so if you want to stay, then stay
and if you want to leave, i see
but every place is what you make of it
so baby its the same either way