I Only Eat You To Make Me Stronger

by The Hoborchestra

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released November 1, 2009

Recorded, produced and engineered by the Hoborchestra and the b3nson Recording Company, September - November 2009, at B3HQ in Albany, NY. Photographs by David Senigo. Design and Layout by Tim Koch.



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Track Name: The Old Crow
the old crow
has flowing from his nest
leave behind
his home and all its preciousness
to be ravaged from the time he must miss

take flight in the night
and don't come back again
there's not much left in these branches tangeled nest

the old crow
passing over the red river
his small eyes
saw the land grow darker
the message sent by storm clouds rollin in

take flight in the night
and don't come back again
there's not much left in these branches tangled nest

the old crow
was once a friend of mine
we had loved each other well in our time

the rain came in
we all saw fate was blind

take flight in the night
and don't come back again
there's not much left except some trinkets in a nest
Track Name: Spinach Water
now before it's any hotter
put the spinach in the water
daughter daughter
are you taking this down
yes ma'am i am, yes ma'am
now i know your arms are able
so please go and set the table
your father's a hard working man
and if there's one thing i won't stand
it's idle hands

hey its still snowing like a mother out there
watch that mouth
where's your brother?
building snowmen when he should be shoveling us out
and i guess its just our luck
that we were not born as ducks
migrating through the winter
look now you've gone and burned our dinner

all i want is to play in the snow
yeah i know
take your hands off the table
its for your own good that i should not let you go
Track Name: A Life Learning Languages
don't say "i love you too"
because then all i could do for you
is gladden or give you pain
between your hope and suspicion
before your blame or praise
and on me alone with the shine of the light
the shame of having a face
have i not had nearly one hundred times
only to promise not to die

i have begun my long love to god
that quiet and aimless chore
it's a life learning languages
but you create nonsense and nothing more
the lumpy lead of patience
is a long road from the swift happiness of gold
to take all this once more upon myself
i, the estranged, return home

i fell in love and i needed a road map
to get me to your door
but when i arrived you said " listen: let me go, let me go
and i'll want you more"
the lumpy lead of patience is a long road
from the swift happiness of gold
so i'm taking everything i had left to give
and my friends are bringing me home
Track Name: As You Go Down to Sleep
shoes are sticking to the floor
turkeys piled up at the door
naked running through the hall
all in all in all in all

keep your whiskers out the drain
or the pipes might go insane
your lost your vest down at the ball
all in all in all in all

turn out your light before eachnight
as you go down to sleep
Track Name: Battle Hymn of the Republic (Blood Upon the Risers)
in the beauties of the lillies
christ was born across the sea
with a glory in his bosom
the transfigures you and me
as he died to make men holy
let us die to make men free
while god is march on

glory glory hallelujah
our god is marching on

mine eyes have seen the glory
of the coming of the lord
he is trampling out the vintage
where the grapes of wrath are stored
he has loosed the fateful lightning
of his terrible swift sword
his truth is marching on

the risers swung around his neck
connectors cracked his dome
suspension lines were tied in knots
around his skinny bones
the canopy became his shroud
he hurdled to the ground
and he ain't gonna jump no more

gory gory what a hell of a way to die
we ain't gonna jump no more

he hit the ground the sound was SPLAT
his blood went spurting high
his comrades they were heard to say
"a hell of a way to die"
he laying there rolling round
in the welter of his gore
and he ain't gonna jump no more

he has sounded forth the trumpet
that shall never call retreat
he is sifting out the hearts of men
before his judgement seat
be swift my soul to answer him
be jubilant my feet
our god is marching on

there was blood upon the risers
there were brains upon the chute
intestines were dangling
from his paratrooper suit
he was a mess pick him up
and poured him from his boots
and he ain't gonna jump no more
Track Name: A Tale to Tell the Kids
your old house is by new favorite tree
i see the leaves change from a spot across the street
and i never knew
till i came back looking for you
its not a parking lot
but a patch of grass

now it takes me longer to get home
i've gotten older and started driving slow
why didn't we stay
where i gave you paints
i had a washboard and unconditional love

its a sarcastic girl on your shirt
they didn't know i wouldn't become your first
there in your aunts house
where i had to sleep on the couch
and fake praise for uncle daves favorite team

i planned a random circumstance
to ask to hear if you would spare me the chance
a tale to tell the kids
about how we split
but came back beside a canal of glass

cause i thought i saw you coming down the street
oh god it scared the shit out of me
put my face in a book
i could barely bring myself to look
and oh how i sighed when some lady walked by

its the time of year to think of you
and bring leaves home to hang in my room
from a fiery red maple tree
that annually reminds me
how it could have been great
if you didn't hate yourself

it could have been swell
oh well
Track Name: Secret Handshakes & Greetings
on screen the spiral speaker never ends
underneath the cloaks of countless stoned villains
hidden catalogs of the descending dead anagrams
all the druids would love to pencil
you in for their meetings
secret handshakes and greetings
removing cultural cornerstones
and suck up to cyclones

a grammatical shift to those favorite blackouts
wipe off all his makeup and mess about
bad analogies of ancient leaders and miracles
all the druids, etc etc...
Track Name: Born to Ruin
you don't want a life like ours
you don't want to work this hard
you don't want a life like ours

you don't want to work this hard
break a sweat, lose some bets
get a job, lose your job
hit the road, play some shows
get the girl, lose the girl
hit the drums

you don't want a life like ours
you don't want to work this hard
you don't want a life like ours
Track Name: If Fire Drives You Away
i wish i wanted what you whisper scream for and dream of the most
but for a number of encumbering and as of now unknown reasons
i don't

when the winds change at the right time
in a certain spot of sunlight
a fire starts towards the sea
and the moon pulls you to me

save the world your way
i should probably follow
but will most likely wallow in the ways
of vice and waste
but with you that's OK
so by you i'm OK
that's why i'm OK with you
that's why i'm still in love with you

its sad that its just bad timing again
but my hypotheses
require these three things
to be common knowledge
before we can begin:
your favorite tree
and the reasons why for what you won't eat
and all your past tragedies
Track Name: Beatrice I
i thought certainly it must be
that Beatrice will die
then I, i had to close my eyes
and in the waning wind that came and went
i thought i heard it said
"thou too art dead in time
so hold your tongue all cold and come
see our lady where she lies"

when i opened my eyes i cried
"oh Beatice oh Beatrice"

that wasn't me you know when we were young
that isn't mine
i own naught before nine
except that time you cried
it is as it was was then once again
you lay and wait for god
you've built him up so much you're broke down
by the time i come around

when i opened my eyes i cried
"oh Beatice oh please will you believe in this"
Track Name: Someone is Hiding
oo if they get you
assume they got me too
and we'll meet in the belly of some beast
and slowly become one

lets get up before the sun
and check the place for bugs
someone is hiding
and has it out for me
but it might just be spiders

take to the nearest pasture
and search for asters
because once i saw some flowers
on a mountain
and heard the sound of my father

in the path of a cloud
its wet for only a second
but ain't you noticed
how it always rains twice in the forest